Your smart phone is probably the only thing you won't leave behind.
Now you can use it to safely pay for things you want, find great
deals and send money and deals to friends.

own a business?
We'll help you get in the loop
looped in is DIFFERENT

Not a wallet

Your looped in account contains your money ready to spend or send

Not a bank card

or even a link to a bank card. Your card number and account details are never used in a transaction

Fully electronic
system enabled through
mobile technology

so what's in it for me?

looped in is available HERE:

This promotion may be terminated at any time.
*Promotional dollars can only be spent. They cannot be withdrawn to a bank account. If the user chooses to transfer promotional funds, the recipient may only spend the funds as well.
**Each user is eligible to earn $5 for every $10 loaded into their account once a month. Subsequent money loads in the same month will not recieve the incentive.
(detailed charts and directions...because we’re here to help!)